Antica Farmacista’s Holiday 2017 candle has arrived, and it’s an enchanted forest in a jar. Silver Cedar is mysterious and sophisticated- evergreen notes of black spruce, juniper, and Italian cypress are met with dry cedar, sandalwood, and rich agarwood.

What an enticing blend of woods! It’s a snowy walk through Narnia- if only that were a real place! It’s Pachelbel’s Canon in D- uplifting and classic. And it smells a tiny bit like pencil shavings- but in the best way possible!

Antica Farmacista Silver Cedar 9oz Candle

If you truly love the smell of wood (and not just pine needles), this is the candle (and home fragrance collection) for you.

I’m addicted to this one- I can’t stop sniffing it, even when unlit. I like to light this candle when I’m working- its aura is calming and subtle. It enhances every room in the house.

The burning experience is a real treat. The silver mercury glass vessel sparkles as the flame burns down, like hundreds of tiny, glowing stars.

Antica Farmacista’s presentation is luxurious- this is a wonderful holiday gift, especially for a traditionalist. The custom wood grain printed box opens up to a small book of matches, perfectly tucked in. I can’t recommend this candle enough!

Discover the entire collection of Silver Cedar at Candles Off Main.

-Chrissy Fitzgerald, candle reviewer and publisher at The Downtown Annapolis