It’s always nice to get to know the people behind the products that you love. I recently met with Michael Waldon, half of the husband-wife team behind Annapolis Candle, makers of beautifully packaged nautical themed candles.

Michael & Jenny Waldon

BB: Tell me about yourself. What did you and Jenny do before creating Annapolis Candle? What led you to the candle-making industry?

MW: We are both lovers of the outdoors, the beach and great home decor. We love spending our weekends working on the house, whether it is putting up new curtains, rearranging the furniture, working on the garden, or most recently, building a new dining room table from parts on an old table. We are “hands on” people who enjoy getting our hands dirty and taking on a good project. We also love taking walks with our two daughters or heading down to watch the sailboats with them on one of our many great rivers. We both have full-time jobs in addition to AC. I am a marketing manager at a local coffee roaster and Jenny is a full-time mom, taking care of Adella and Maryn. We’ve been interested in (and have at the hobby-level) making candles for years. It was the realization that Annapolis was missing a strong local candle collection which prompted us to jump into the industry and create Annapolis Candle. People who visit here always have such a good time and we believe our candle is a way to take home some memories of good times. We wanted to be the ones to create that unique opportunity for a lasting memory through a candle. For those of us who are privileged to live here year round, we believe our candles offer a great accent to any home, whether it’s by the water downtown, in an urban environment, or on a quiet patch of country land in South County. Dave and Sue from Candles Off Main have been a HUGE help in providing years of insight as we build the brand.

BB: Are you originally from Annapolis? If so, which of these scents is most reminiscent of “home” to you?

Annapolis Candle Maritime Candle

MW: I have always lived, a native of the region. I love the water. This is home. Jenny is a new found lover of the Annapolis area, moving here over 5 years ago from Southern California. While the Palm Springs area is Jenny’s childhood home, she absolutely loves this region and all it has to offer. We both truly enjoy the history behind this region including the architecture of downtown Annapolis. For Jenny, Annapolis represents so much history, but at the same time, the region also stays so current and relevant. We also love the convenience of Annapolis to DC or Baltimore or the beaches. So much to do! For me, Maritime is most reminiscent of home. Water, warmth, a bit of muskiness. It really captures the memories.

BB: We noticed a teaser on your Facebook page for upcoming holiday scents. Any hints of what we can expect?

MW: Expect from us a twist on our current packaging. While it will still feel nautical, it will be slightly modified for the seasons. Expect at least one autumnal fragrance and one holiday fragrance. We are really loving cranberry this year. These will make great gifts and will be perfect to create a festive environment.

Bay BreezeBB: If there is one Annapolis Candle scent that a person should give as a gift to help an out-of-town guest remember Annapolis, which would it be?

MW: For us, it is clear. The answer is Bay Breeze. It is clean with great floral notes, but not overpowering. We truly think of it as a breath of fresh Bay air. A close second though, is Maritime. We think it really captures the essence of water. The Chesapeake Bay touches 6 states and reaches more than 17 million people in the U.S. If you can picture the Bay pouring into the Atlantic ocean, that’s Maritime. A bit salty and with hints of floral, including orange blossom.

BB: I recently asked friends what scent reminded them most of Annapolis and the overwhelming response was Old Bay. What  are your thoughts on a spicy, gourmand candle? (Personally, I will stick with your clean water and fruity scents!)

MW: You know, Old Bay has been the topic of much discussion this Summer. With some Old Bay infused beer on the market and a myriad of great recipes floating around social media, it is definitely the taste/smell of Maryland. We keep it in our house in the big can, you know, the one that should last for quite some time. In terms of a candle, I guess we’ve stayed away from the notion a bit because it seems so predictable, (don’t mean to sound pretentious,) but at the same time, it also resonates with our culture here really well. We are looking to add some fragrances over the next year, if at the very least for some limited editions. It could be something we think about, yes. I think it’s a fine line between something spicy and something that smells like crab!

BB: That sounds reasonable! In fact, I think the clean, fresh fragrance of Bay Breeze may be appropriate after enjoying some Old Bay seasoned steamed crabs! Thanks, Michael! We love the whole collection. The Chesapeake Bay is lucky to have you and Jenny representing the region with your wonderful candles.

Thanks so much to Michael for taking the time to talk to Bon Bougie! We are very excited to see what seasonal candles you have in store for us. Until then, I will be savoring these last few weeks of summer with my personal favorite, the grapefruit, ginger, and white tea blend,  Pink Sky.

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Annapolis Candle Pink Sky Candle