We recently featured a post on Annapolis Candle, owned and operated by Michael and Jenny Waldon of Annapolis, Maryland. During our interview, Michael mentioned that some seasonal scents were in the works. I’m going to need your attention now, lovers of gourmand candle scents! These candles are exactly as delicious as they sound. Pumpkin Pie Spice and Cranberry Orange Peel from the Annapolis Candle Holiday collection are now in stock at Candles Off Main and they are must-haves for the fall/winter season. These fragrant soy candles are hand poured into clear glass vessels and adorned with their signature anchor logo. They are as beautiful as they smell. This locally produced line of luxury candles are fantastically affordable gifts for less than $20 each.

Sweeter than Linnea’s Lights Pumpkin candle, but not as intensely spicy as Nest Pumpkin Chai, the Annapolis Candle Pumpkin Pie Spice candle is smooth, yummy, and comforting like a slice of Grandma’s pie, right out of the oven. This scent will fill your home with a warm and spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and ginger. Finished with a touch of vanilla, like a perfect dollop of whipped cream, this candle is going to be a huge hit.

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Annapolis Candle Holiday Pumpkin Pie Spice

Some might say that pumpkin pie is the highlight of Thanksgiving. My husband is not a fan of the pumpkin persuasion, but I married him anyway. He prefers the main event of turkey, potatoes, veggies, and stuffing… but none of it is fork worthy without a spoonful of my mother’s orange cranberry sauce smothered on top of each bite. This combination is pure heaven. The Annapolis Candle Cranberry Orange Peel fragrance captures the seasonal blend of cranberries, spiced apples and fresh orange peel to sweeten any room in your home this holiday.

Cranberry Orange Peel

Annapolis Candle Holiday Cranberry Orange Peel


These limited edition candles are only available while supplies last. Pick them up quick and be sure to check out the rest of their fantastic line. For an introduction to Annapolis Candles’ year-round scents, I would start with the Bay Breeze for a clean, lightly floral fresh scent that can be enjoyed any time of year. The florals are delicate and the clean scent dominates, helping stuffy homes smell fabulous, even when fresh air is kept outside of closed windows.

Candles Off Main

Annapolis Candle Bay Breeze