Cinco de Mayo makes me yearn for Southern California (my home state) — for amazing Mexican food and warm Spring weather. So while I am enjoying homemade guacamole this week, I’m also spicing up my home fragrance with these five picks for warmer days ahead.

Votivo Caipirinha Lime

The newest fragrance from Votivo, Caipirinha Lime is inspired by the national cocktail of Brazil, with tart lime, cool mint, and sweet sugar notes. Tropical Tiare flowers and Ylang Ylang provide bright floral notes. And amber brings warmth to this festive and fun candle. If you love a tropical cocktail, you will love this!

LAFCO Kitchen Cilantro Orange

Cilantro is by far my favorite ingredient of Mexican cuisine. The fresh, peppery flavor complements the spiciness found in most dishes. Cilantro Orange combines the fresh, bright fragrances of cilantro, mandarin and watercress.

Illume Pineapple Cilantro

Another bright fragrance, Pineapple Cilantro provides a tropical escape with fruity pineapple, herby cilantro, and floral rose petals. The warm and earthy notes of amber, tonka bean, and musk finish off this fragrance. The pineapple is definitely the hero in this fragrance.

Archipelago Mango Tangerine

Cool off your taste buds with a serving of summer fruits. Mango Tangerine will give you bright and cool flavors. Mandarin and peach are added to heighten the fruitiness. You will smell this fragrance right when you walk into the room!

Belle Fleur Cacao Tabaq

The perfect Cinco de Mayo party would not be complete without dessert. And what could be better  than chocolate?! Cacao Tabaq is a warm and sultry fragrance, combining the sweetness of chocolate and the warm, smokiness of tobacco; finished with a hint of espresso. A true indulgence!

So as you welcome warmth into your cuisine, add zest and brightness to your home fragrance, too! Enjoy these zesty fragrances along with your Cinco de Mayo celebrations as we welcome warmer days ahead!