Wax melts or tarts are all the rage these days in the world of home fragrance. You may have been invited to a Scentsy party or you may have spotted cute seasonal warmers in craft stores. Trapp Candles has introduced a line of wax melts that have been insanely popular with customers at Candles Off Main.  Here are five fantastic reasons why you should try Trapp Wax Melts.

1. Flame-free fragrance

If you use wax melts in an electric warmer, there is no need to worry about an open flame. Of course, you still need to be mindful of where you are placing the warmer, to be sure that they are out of reach of the hands of curious children or wagging dog tails. With a highly fragrant aroma, this option works well in any space where a lit candle isn’t an option.

2. Beautiful ambiance

If you prefer to use a tea light warmer, the melts will quickly fill the air with fragrance while the tea light will provide a beautiful effect of a delicate glow for a luminous ambiance. Imagine a beautiful holiday themed lantern illuminating a cozy living room on a quiet, snowy day.

3. Versatile

Trapp Wax Melts are available in more than 30 fragrances which can be used throughout the home. If you are having some friends over for a party, you can place a warmer on a foyer table to greet guests with a fresh, welcoming scent like Lemongrass Verbena, or try the seasonal Golden Cypress melt for a holiday gathering. If you love to relax in a bubble bath, beautiful floral fragrances like Bob’s Flower Shoppe or heady Jasmine Gardenia would transform your bathroom to your own personal day spa.

4. Signature Scent 

Melt two or more scents together to create your own signature blend. Trapp Wax Melts come in bars with built in creases, making it easy to break off as many pieces as you would like.  Sexy Cinnamon and Macintosh pair wonderfully together for a home that smells as delicious as apple pie. When winter approaches, warm your hearth with a warm combo of Holiday and Mediterranean Fig for satisfying sweetness and spice.

5. Holiday Gifts

For less than ten dollars, a bar of wax melts make a great stocking stuffer. Pick up two or more and add to a basket with a pretty tart warmer and you have a fabulous gift for the fragrance lover in your life.

What else do you need to enjoy the Trapp Wax Melts?

You will need a wax warmer, which can be electric or heated by a tea light. You can find these in craft stores or retailers like Target, Pier 1, or Etsy.

Tea Light Warmer: We love this handmade warmer from Dawn Davare Designs Etsy Shop.

Etsy Handmade Wax Warmer


If you decide to create a signature scent, comment below or post on our Facebook page. Tell us which fragrances you chose to combine and how they blended together. We would love to see pictures, too!