Refresh the fragrance in your home with these 5 stylish summer scents. Each candle is exquisitely hand-crafted — and the fragrance will transport you to the beach, and island…. escape!

LAFCO Beach House (Sea and Dune)


Marine notes of salty sea air combined with a whisper of wild beach grass and sand dunes evoke the soft summer scent of a morning stroll along the beach.

Votivo White Ocean Sands

Clean air, ozone notes blended with a smoke infused woodsy essence. Imagine sitting by the ocean on a warm, breezy afternoon as the sun is starting to set.

Voluspa Laguna

A fragrance featuring notes reminiscent of dazzling azure seas and warm sands on the Pacific coast.  Having spent a lot of time in California — this candle brings me back to the West Coast each time I burn it.

Illume Coconut Milk Mango

Indulge in the luscious tropical cocktail of your fantasies featuring island pineapple, freshly-sliced mango paired with notes of coconut milk. While the fragrance notes are soft, the scent throw on this candle is strong.


NEST Ocean Mist and Sea Salt

Refreshing and clean, the gentle essence of ocean mist is peppered with hints of sea salt, crisp white tea and luscious coconut. The is my personal favorite. In warm weather, we burn at least two of these candles in our home at one time, filling our living spaces with fragrance.

I know you’ll enjoy each of these fragrances. They are all so different and yet all very much ideal for Summer!

Michael, Bon Bougie Contributor