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Mon March 30

Kitchen Candles | Fragrance For Foodies

Which scent works best when burning kitchen candles? Throughout the rest of the home, people typically choose fresh scents […]

Thu March 26

Candle DIY Project | Fairy Jar House

I have written before about candle diy projects. I’m always looking for new ways to upcycle an item instead […]

Mon March 23

New Nest Candles? Yes, please!

Did winter seem to last forever where you are? Spring is finally here in the Mid-Atlantic and some of […]

Thu March 19

Sign Scents | An Aries Candle by Red Flower

Happy Birthday, Aries candle lovers! I feel qualified to select the best fragrance for Aries since I was born […]

Mon March 16

All About Lampe Berger | Instructions and Scents

Lampe Berger fragrance oils have been around for more than 100 years. French pharmaceutical dispenser Maurice Berger invented the […]

Thu March 12

Cocktails by Candlelight | Votivo Clover

Cocktails by Candlelight
Pairing Fragrance and Libations For an Unforgettable Happy Hour
St. Patrick’s Day (or a weekend day preceding or […]

Thu March 5

Spring Ahead With These Best Selling Candles

It’s almost time to spring ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The best selling candles at Candles Off Main customers […]

Mon March 2

Golden Glow of Amber | Voluspa Baltic Amber and More

What do you know about amber? Have you ever held a piece of amber? It is smooth, golden, and […]

Tue February 24

Reuse Candle Jars With Simple DIY Projects

If you love candles and hate waste, this post is for you.  Once the wax is gone, there are […]

Mon February 23

Voluspa candles | What’s New?

Calling all Voluspa candle lovers. Lots of news from this line! An old favorite that was previously discontinued is […]